Gluten-Free 101

ByCarol Fenster, Ph.D.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
$19.95; 8 x 9 inches

Quick and easy recipes for America’s favorite foods from Carol Fenster, Ph.D., one of America’s foremost authorities on the gluten-free life style. A perfect book for beginners.

Carol Fenster gives you all the information you need to get started and be successful.” ––Cynthia Kupper, RD, Executive Director, Gluten Intolerance Group of North America

When Carol Fenster was advised to stay away from wheat––to get relief from chronic sinusitis––she had no idea that it would lead to a life of testing recipes and the publication of her fifth gluten-free cookbook, Gluten-Free 101: Easy, Basic Dishes without Wheat which is now published as Gluten-Free 101: The Essential Beginner’s Guide to Easy Gluten-Free Cooking.

“Carol is known as the ‘gluten-free goddess’  because she creates the best French bread, mouth-watering pie crusts, delectable desserts, and a phenomenal pizza. You must get this book!” —Shelley Case, BSc, RD, author of Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide

The book features a versatile sorghum-based flour blend and easy, streamlined recipes for typical American foods like bread, pizza, cake, brownies, muffins, pancakes––foods that are traditionally made with wheat flour and therefore contain gluten, a protein that is toxic for millions of Americans.

“Carol Fenster’s infectious enthusiasm for gluten-free cooking totally captivated me at the national meeting of the American Dietetic Association. Her recipes in Gluten-Free 101 make gluten-free cooking delicious, quick, and fun! I recommend her books to all my patients but don’t reserve her good dishes only for those on a gluten-free diet―they’re too good not to share.”―Cynthia S. Rudert, MD, FACP, Medical Advisor for Celiac Disease Foundation and Gluten Intolerance Group; Private Practice Gastroenterology, Atlanta, GA

“I’m delighted that I could transform my wheat intolerance into a gratifying business that helps people eat the foods they love––without the ingredients they don’t want”, says Fenster, who founded Savory Palate in 1995 because other publishers didn’t believe there was a need for gluten-free cookbooks back then.

Today, demand for gluten-free food rises steadily due to better detection of celiac disease which afflicts 1:133 or nearly 3 million Americans and is considered the nation’s most common inherited autoimmune disorder. Celiacs must avoid gluten because it prevents absorption of nutrients in food––leading to anemia, osteoporosis, and other complications such as cancer. Untreated, it can be fatal.

“If you are not a cook, cooking gluten-free can be difficult, at best. In Gluten-Free 101, Carol Fenster has given you all the information you need to get started and be successful. A wonderful flour blend used in many of the easy recipes, tips on stocking your pantry and the equipment needed. Using this book, you can be a successful gluten-free cook your first time in the kitchen.”—Cynthia Kupper, RD, CD, Executive Director, Gluten Intolerance Group of North America.

“In addition,” Fenster says, “another 18 million of us have non-celiac gluten-sensitivity, where symptoms reduce our quality of life with annoying —though rarely life-threatening––headaches, rashes, stomach aches, and fatigue.” “Or,” she adds, “in my case it was chronic nasal congestion that led to a lifetime of sinusitis.”

“Eating gluten free means you have to dust off your cooking and baking skills. This book will help you feel confident and in control of your gluten-free kitchen.” —Ann Whelan, publisher, Gluten-Free Living magazine

Like many gluten-free bakers, Fenster started out using rice-flour blends because that was all she could find. As new flours came on the market, she tested them in her kitchen––developing the sorghum-based blend she uses in Gluten-Free 101.

Gluten-Free 101 serves up a feast of easy, classic recipes with a bonus new versatile flour mix (with more nutrients and fiber) that can be tailored to individual tastes. Carol’s experience in cooking and writing wheat-free, gluten-free cookbooks helps the “newbie” or “old-timer” be successful in creating basic recipes.Janet Y. Rinehart, Former President of CSA/USA

“Gluten-free folks can indulge in their favorite dishes,” Fenster assures skeptics. “Just change the ingredients. The secret lies in knowing how to use substitutes, like sorghum, for food culprits.” Neither you––nor family and friends––will miss the wheat, she reassures.

Gluten-Free 101 is an excellent resource for anyone learning to live gluten free. Carol Fenster has done a superb job of putting together some great recipes with the detailed information needed to prepare them.” ––Mary K. Sharrett, MS, RD, LD, CNSD, Children’s Hospital, Columbus, OH


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